What We Do

Candlewood Partners provides financial and investment banking services through three distinct, but related, practice areas: Capital Formation, Intellectual Property, and Restructuring.

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Capital Formation

First-Hand Experience

Candlewood’s principals have first-hand experience with running companies and understand the challenges brought on by the need for capital.  We also understand that many of our clients already have a list of banks and a few investors they believe will finance their companies, but at what price and terms and who are the best partners given your mission and vision?  For many companies, the capital formation process can be distracting and become extended as lenders and investors are contacted one by one. The value in our capital formation services is not just in finding the capital, but finding the right capital partner with terms and operating philosophies the company can live with so that the business can sustain itself and prosper.

Creative Solutions

Candlewood Partners provides independent capital formation services to both healthy and distressed businesses. Candlewood will not only assist in determining the optimal capital structure, but will introduce and evaluate specific capital products to best meet our clients’ tactical and strategic objectives. We are accustomed to complex business situations and can structure and negotiate the most appropriate capital product or combination of products to support the business.  The creativity we bring to each of our client engagements is our hallmark.  We do not simply suggest off-the shelf solutions to get a deal done.

Extensive Relationships

Candlewood’s capital formation capabilities encompass a broad spectrum of products from senior bank lines to junior capital structures including mezzanine and common equity capital. Candlewood Partners has extensive relationships with lenders and equity providers across the country that can meet the unique and specific needs of its middle market clients.  Our relationships go beyond introducing commercial banks and private equity firms that are well known by many financial intermediaries.  Our relationships extend to non-traditional lenders, hedge funds, family offices, and other institutions.  In some situations, capital can be sourced from strategic partners who can help expand capabilities and company resilience.

Capital Solutions We Have Arranged


  • Asset Based Loans
  • Cash Flow Loans
  • Term Loans
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Convertible Debt
  • Convertible Preferred
  • Preferred Equity
  • Common Equity
  • Strategic Partnerships


  • Equipment Finance
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Sale-Leaseback
  • Project Finance
  • Bridge Loans
  • DIP Financing
  • Factoring
  • Second-Lien
  • Unitranche

Intellectual Property

Maximizing Value

Candlewood’s Intellectual Property (“IP”) practice is focused on serving the needs of our clients by helping them to realize the full economic potential of their various IP assets. According to The Economist, 75 percent of the value of companies is attributable to their intellectual property; yet according to the Harvard Business Review, Corporate America is wasting a staggering $1 trillion in underutilized patent assets alone.

Candlewood’s IP services will ensure that your company’s IP is able to attain maximum commercial value through the implementation of a customized monetization strategy that’s in keeping with your company’s goals and business objectives.

Candlewood can advise and assist in navigating all aspects of IP transactions, from the sale, license, commercialization, and marketing of patents, trademarks, and inventions.

Worldwide Relationships

Through Candlewood’s extensive global business activities we have cultivated numerous business relationships in various industries and sectors. Candlewood is able to utilize and leverage our network of contacts both domestically and internationally to assist companies with finding the appropriate buyer, licensees, strategic or joint venture partners.

Cross-Platform Solutions with M&A Practice

Candlewood’s IP expertise is instrumental in supporting its Mergers & Acquisition practice.  The sale of a business in today’s environment requires a high degree of coordination between a company’s tax, IP and corporate counsel, as well as its accountants and investment bankers.  Candlewood’s focus on the long-term relationship between the value of all of a company’s property, including its IP, and its earnings enables us to build the support necessary to achieve superior valuations.

Additional Capabilities


Candlewood’s restructuring team is distinguished by the breadth and diversity of its experience.  All of our senior leadership has operating experience either in a CEO or CFO role.  Our restructuring experience is firmly grounded in the middle market, with a typical client having between $20 and $150 million in debt and $50 million to $350 million in sales.  Our staff has been involved in over 100 restructuring engagements that have ranged from Chief Executive of a $1 billion project in Egypt to the management of the sale and liquidation process for a global precision manufacturer with over 10 divisions spread among Western Europe, China, India, eastern Europe and the US.  Our clients have included public companies, private equity portfolio companies and family businesses. Our engagement activities have included distressed M&A, debt restructuring, Plan of Reorganization development and most importantly, creditor and interested party negotiations. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Candlewood’s senior level advisors work on every client engagement from beginning to end, bringing a wealth of experience in deal execution and negotiation as well as business operations and strategy.

Candlewood Partners provides independent, unbiased M&A advice to our clients driven by the desire to achieve our clients’ objectives in the most effective manner possible.  We are accustomed to engagements with complex issues and situations.  The creativity we bring to each of our client engagements is our hallmark.

The advisors at Candlewood Partners carefully evaluate each client’s business, including their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and formulate a tailored strategy to meet the objectives of the client, its board, and its stakeholders.

Advisory Services

Candlewood’s extensive experience across a broad range of transactions and the first-hand experience its principals have with running companies, allows us to advise clients through most any strategic situation.  Candlewood often represents Boards of Directors for healthy companies and businesses in special situations as they are faced with strategic alternatives.

Candlewood can assist its clients in a variety of roles and levels of involvement that may include financial and operational restructuring through interim management, independent directorships or simply providing an independent, third-party perspective for the board.

Candlewood Partners also provides valuations for middle market clients who seek to understand the value of their business for a variety of purposes.  These valuations demand intensive quantitative analytical evidence to ensure an understanding of value in an arms length transaction.  Candlewood’s knowledge and experience in advising companies through mergers and acquisitions and fairness opinions provides clients with the confidence that our valuations are both applicable and supportable.